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By bircastri
#82498 Hi all, I have purchased this device that have a ESP8266 integrated. THis device, have just a firmware to control the 4 relays, but I want to know if it is possibile to change the firmware with my personal firmware from Arduino IDE.

If it is possibile do it, in which mode it is possibile do it ?

This is the link of all detail of shield :


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By rudy
#82504 You can change the firmware on the ESP8266 module. But understand that the module does not have direct control of the relays. The relays are controlled by a different chip. And when you replace the code on the ESP module, that new code will need to communicate to the bottom board to the chip that directly controls the relays.
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By QuickFix
bircastri wrote:There is a way to do this ?

No, the ESP-01 (the ESP8266 module on your shield) only has 2 (sort of) "Usable" I/O's for relays.

You can get yourself a Sonoff 4CH and program that: it should be the fastest way to get things working.
Some hints about how to put the 4CH into programming mode can be found on the Tasmota Github-page. :idea: