Have questions about FETS, transistors, measurement, power supplies, or anything else electrical?

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By QuickFix
#82703 Well, it looks like you're in. :D

Richard must be very busy at times (most of us do have a daytime job) or maybe sometimes a pending post is overlooked.
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By MiG_Fulcrum
sblantipodi wrote:as title.
every post I made must be approved by a mod but no one approve them.



Wait, it'll come! Plus, your message's here, so it means they get confirmed! But the main issue isn't linked to this forum, but to forums in general: they're less popular than they used to because everyone and their mother uses Facebook these days (which means that the same question gets asked twice a day... every day, since new users can't find the previous answers), so community managers are most present on Facebook than on forums... and on top of that, people get less and less patient and turn to Facebook to get answers, which means that there's more and more traffic there and less and less on the forums.