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By GeCo77
#80227 Dear All,

I congratulate you on the great job you carry out on the forum. I found it very useful.

As I am not quite confident in the field, I kindly ask you for a help on my project on ESP8266.

I am trying to carry out a project which shows the RSSI value using an ESP-01 (black version) and an Arduino Uno.

The device is able to read the RSSI value between an ESP and a hypothetical wifi smartphone and communicates it to Arduino Uno possibly through a rather quick refresch (about 1 sec).

I still have many doubts, including the simple loading of a new sketch:
-how can I set parameters from the IDE of Arduino? e.g.:
-flash mode?
- flash size? (with or without SPIFFS?) Where can I get these data?

Also in case I manage to load the sketch, I still cannot find an example of the sketch, which shows only one RSSI value towards only one device selected by me. E.g. I only need the distance between ESP-01 and my phone.

I think the best way is to follow the library in the following link:

However, I do not obtain any result on the Arduino Serial Monitor when I simply copy the example on ESP-01 and add only Ssid and pas. So I am wondering if I am correctly connecting TX ed RX

Furthermore the libraries SPI.h and WiFi.h are Arduino or ESP libraries?

Last thing: Do they have to get connected to each other or not? Maybe it consumes less energy when it's not connected?

Thank you very much for your help.

Best regards,
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By QuickFix
#80246 Since you're new: drop both the Arduino and ESP-01 (at least for now) and buy a development board like the NodeMCU or Wemos (they're only about $2.50 each) instead. :idea:

I know a lot of people made howto's in 2015 (which is four years ago) using an ESP-01, but it's possibly to worst board to start with, especially in combination with an Arduino board (an ESP is much faster than an Atmel).

You can connect and use a development board directly to any PC over USB, without having to worry about power requirements (3.3V not 5V!) and weird workarounds trying to get it programmed.
Install the ESP8266 Arduino core into the Arduino IDE and off you go.

First try a few examples that come with the ESP8266 Arduino core to get acquainted to the ESP and after that you'll be writing your own RSSI level indicator like this one in no time. :D
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By Sayf-energy
#82810 Dear GeCo77,
I am also beginner and I have to build a small project with Arduino Uno but I really confused about using libraries and selecting the RIGHT board in Arduino IDE software. I am trying to connect esp8266 (ESP-01) to Arduino to scan WiFi networks and send the RSSI values to a laptop. I think I am wasting much time but not getting a result.
Have you solved the problem you encountered? As the opinion of QuickFix reply, I'm going to buy NodeMCU or Wemos