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By Jonathan Lawley
#83038 I have an ESP8266 connected to an Arduino uno and I cannot connect to my Iphones hot spot I get the error of



The issue with this is that I can in fact connect to my friends android hotspot and I can connect to other normal wifi networks. I am using a simple AT+CWJAP="Iphone","password".

Ive tried RESTORE and RESET functions but they do not help.
Any insight would be appreciated.
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By cheungbx
#83466 If your WIFI id and passwords are correct.
Then I will ask if you have use that iphone hotspot with other types of devices or other phones or other computers successfully before , besides the ESP8266?

iphone hotspot behaves very differently than Android phones.
It will only advertise/broadcast o announce it's SSID for a while after you turn the hotspot on in settings, or you change the password, or you go to the settings to view your password.
Then it will stop broadcasting its SSID to save power.
So, I hate using iphone as hotspot for this reason
It's so hard to get connected for the very first time.
You need to keep fiddling with these settings to wake up the hot spot then within around 1 minute try to connect, and if it's not successful, repeat the whole thing.
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By alinamichael
#83837 I have an Iphone and it does now have the internet hotspot. This will work with a laptop but a gaming console it will connect but you will be plagued Student British essay writers UK with bad lag since 3g and even 3g+ arent that fast of a network yet, at least not fast enough for on line gaming so yes for your laptop no on gaming.
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By rachaeleverly12
#85647 - chipping ned adds iphone hotspot support (delay)

- ipad mini needs onboard power regulator for control but not based on CPU. Does not mean we can use it but might increase low memory usage and avoid CPU problems. Tested on springboard but not yet on apple machines. Probably require sim card for application?

Full-SFL-and-idr-on-arduino-issue, can it load / install libfreetype? ... irino.html

- Works! Need to activate IDR_FIND_

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