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By spaceman
#83674 Hi

I have an ESP8266 module that is 5v (both Power and Logics).
It was created to work on 5v by using an on board LDO + Level Converters.

I bought it on 2016, and it came with AT v0.40.0.0 + SDK v1.3.0, by Ai-Thinker:


I updated its Firmware yesterday, to a newer version: AT v1.6.2.0 + SDK v2.2.1, by Espressif


I did some testings on it, and while the module works and responds to AT Commands,
it seems that the RF abilities of the module are less good than what they were with the older Firmware version.

So to verify that, I would like to try again the original Firmware,
is it possible to download it?

Thank you very much
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By spaceman
davydnorris wrote:If you have one of the original modules with the old firmware still on it, then esptool should allow you to read the whole flash to a file.
You could then use this to flash into your updated module

That's nice..
Can you please tell me where in the Flash tool is the button to download the Firmware from the module to a File?