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By Andy7
#83734 I must be dumb, or blind or some combination of the two (pehaps something else that I've not thought of yet?) but try as I might, I simply can't seem to find a C library for the AT32UC3L (AT32UC3L0256 to be precise).

I've got my custom board build and I've worked through a lot of the hardware bugs, beat my face against the ASF code until I emerged vicrorious with a blinking light, crawled my way up the evolutionary ladder out of the primal ooze to write a simple graphics driver for my OLED and after some not insignificant pain, now have "OK" dumped to my screen in response to my "AT" shout.
And all under interrupt as well...

After all that pain and learning, I'm almost resigned to writing the rest of the C code to talk to the ESP8266 module - but why re-invent the wheel? I've seen all kinds of liraries for the ATMEGA, ARDUINO etc but no UC3? Yep, I looked in the ASF wizard first.

I'd even probably be prepared to go C++ ... reluctantly.

So - is there a really obvious answer that I'm not seeing here?

What do I want to do? Oh - yes, I'm making a WiFi intercom, so I'd want to send a "Someone's calling" signal between similar units and ultimmately, if the Gods are kind, I'd like to stream audio... but let's not run before we can walk yet!

Thanks all ! :)