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By spaceman
#83745 Hi all

I have an ESP8266 module that has only 8Mb (1MB) Flash,
and so the latest AT Firmware that I could install on it is AT v1.6.2 + SDK v2.2.1.

I have 3 other ESP8266 boards, that has 32Mb (4MB) Flash,
and on them, I can install the latest AT Firmware from Espressif, which is AT v1.7.1 + SDK v3.0.1.

A fwe days ago I flashed my 8Mb module with AT v1.6.2,
and today I am about to flash toe 3 other boards that have 32Mb.

My question is this:

Should I, for consistency, Flash the 32Mb boards with AT v1.6.2, despite the fact that I can install the later version AT v1.7.1 on it?

By doing this I gain 100% consistency with the other module..
But I lose the difference/improvements between AT v1.6.2 and AT v1.7.1 ..
(and between SDK v2.2.1 and SDK v3.0.1)

What do you recommend?

In general, what has changed between AT v1.7.1 + SDK v3.0.1 and AT v1.6.2 + SDK v2.2.1?

Hopefully there are people here who experienced with both, and can recommend what to do..

Thank you