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By kahlenberg
#84066 Hi,
I am really confused about ESP8266 SDK.
I have an ESP-03 modul with 1MB flash and it is not working. It resets always itself ( reset cause:2, boot mode (3,6) ), so I wanted to update firmware but I am totaly confused where to start.

I have donwloaded ESP FLASH DOWNLOAD TOOL V2.3 and some binary files on ... master/bin
but when I flash and restart it, it gives missmatch partion error on serial console. I want to program it with Arduiono IDE. So my questions:

1. What is the difference between RTOS and NONOS? I know first one ie real-time operating system and second is no-operation system but which one is good for Arduino?
2. Which files shall I download if I want to activate over-the-air firmware update?

Can you please say which files I should select and more importantly which adresses I should wirte in ESP Flash Tool?