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By YogeshwarB
vkthakar wrote:Hi,

I have tested AP+STA mode and find out one issue like,

ESP8266 STA mode continuously tried to connected to SSID if it has wrong SSID.
In This condition, sometime mobile wifi can not connect with ESP8266 AP mode. needed multiple retries for connect mobile wifi to ESP8266 AP mode.
sometimes got error like, err already associed! . But after sometime connect successfully.
After successful connection, communication with mobile to ESP8266 execute successfully without any issue.

If any has idea about this behavior then please let me know and tell me solution for that also.


This post on the Espressif BBS forums warns people against using the dual mode configuration.

My goal was to make a webpage on the ESP8266 that a user could access, select an access point from a list and give the ESP the password to connect to it. However after reading that post I am doubtful whether I can do such a thing.

If anyone has tried a similar thing please let me know your methodology.