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By malabarmcgyver
#84207 Stuart Pittaway developed a Battery Management System capable of individual cell monitoring and control and shared the code and hardware design online. The code is available at and bill of materials for fabricating the boards is available at ... s-v4/11292

This requires an Audrino for programming the boards. The system has one controller board with a Wemos WiFi/ESP8266 and a cell monitoring and balancing board for each unparalleled cell.

I have the system working and need to have remote access to the Wemos/ESP8266 where I currently have a Verizon Jetpack that is incapable of port-forwarding. Most of the other users on the forum are using this at home and program their computer with Home Assistant and use the InfluxDB, which is included in the sketch on the ESP8266, to connect to Grafana. I do not necessarily need Grafana and did not want to over-complicate the system. I was also instructed that attempting to port-forward the ESP8266 comes with security risks that are not worth the effort as I was planning to upgrade the jetpack to one capable of port-forwarding.

What is the best way to access the ESP8266 for monitoring data over the Internet? It will be on a boat and will monitor 4 battery packs, so it will have four ESP8266 controllers.

Thanks, in advance, for your assistance.