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By Chris Hopper
#84219 I’ve used the ESP-01 for a project without too much difficulty, setting it up as an access point and using it to serve a web page to my phone, allowing me to control external hardware and display status from it. The hardware can be in use anywhere and there’s not necessarily a network for it to connect to, but that’s fine, I only want to connect to my phone.

And then along came Android Pie...

This version of Android doesn’t seem to like wifi without internet access. It connects to the ESP-01 wifi, but then disconnects and retries, over and over again.

Other people must have come across this but I haven’t found any solutions on the internet, so I’m hoping I’m just doing something stupid!

Is there a way to get Android Pie to stay connected to a wifi network without internet access?

Failing that, is there a way to get the ESP-01 to advertise itself as having internet access even when it hasn’t?