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By pomelo
#84422 So it's 3 years since i'm with ESP, worked on lots project with more than a few on the market today.

I basically updated my 3 years old project today, with the newest SDK and ran it again.
Unfortunately there is no change in the way sniffer_cb provides the packet buffers.

1. It is limited as there are no data bytes (garbage)
2. It is limited as only RTOS SDK has esp_wifi_set_promiscuous_data_len, which is not avail in NONOS

After these 3 years and a lot of news in ESP one constant remains:

- Is there going to be a sniffer without limitations finally released?
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By eriksl
#84593 I think it will be more effective to file a complaint at the bug tracker from Espressif at GitHub.

But be prepared Espressif is not interested in making everything work (like it should or like we want it to). That's why I'd like to have all of it open source, so we could fix it ourselves.