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By pomelo
Tanay Rami wrote:Hi, I am also facing same problem right now.
In my appplicatiion I want to send large amount of data between more than two ESPs.
With promiscous mode: if it is a managemenet frame then packet length is 128 bytes and if it is Data frame then packet length is 60 bytes. So maximum we can able to receive is only 128 bytes without any payload.

Although with the help of this function "wifi_send_pkt_freedom()" we can send much more data but "wifi_set_promiscuous_rx_cb()" only able to receive 128 bytes.

I am using ESP8266 SDK version 1.3.0.
Is their any alternative ways(or functions) are available to receive more data?

As mention above: "packet sniffer mode has been extended recently", so how much packet size is extended? whick SDK i need to use for that?

Thanks you!

I doubt, but if you are still active here - did you find anything with Espressif on that?