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By Pioterk
#84529 Hi,

Some time ago I have made a nice project base on John Lessen ESP 8266 Arduino IDE WebConfig. You will find it on the net. I used Arduino board release 2.4.
However, recently I made modification and tried flashing with again with 2.5 and 2.6, but the processor does not work with those boards - constant restarts occurs and freezing. Initially I thought I messed something up in my code, but then I tried flashing the bare John Lessen code - and guess what - it also failed after loading with 2.5 and 2.6.
However, when I reinstalled version 2.4 all seams to work properly.

What is the difference between those releases so just simple change in the board release makes processor unstable?
Is there flashing parameters settings difference or something more serious, requiring code modification?

Any help appreciated.


Well, it proved to be faulty power supply causing all the problems - nothing wrong with the board release or Arduino. So if you see re-boots - check power supply first!
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By schufti
#84537 Hi,
versions from 2.5 up are "experimental" at best.
Instead of fixing basic problems in 2.4.x, they introduced a lot of "pro" things, breaking backward compatibility on several places.
<rant> most of the "improvements" in 2.5+ aren't for hobbyists or makers, they are for pure commercial applications that should be done in plain sdk for stability and security sake. No hobbyist needs extra flashing speed, encrypted OTA, WPA2 Enterprise or such </rant>