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By atesin
#84535 hi... i am trying to develop a *tiny* esp+arduino webserver (just an html form for wifi auth)

i need to take advantage of ATv1.7 passive mode and ntp, i can flash 1.7 at on my esp-01s module (esp8266ex + 1mb flash) but when i reboot the module freezes

it seems that ATv1.7 is just built for 2mb+ flash sizes because when i force flash 2mb (1024+1024) it seem to work but I CAN'T SAVE configs to flash (like at+uart_def) so it turns useless and unreliable with arduino... however i can flash LoBo firmware 1mb and run ok (i think is built for 512+512 flash sizes)

q1: can ATv1.7+ official espressif firmware (bundled with nonos sdk3) be flashed and run OK in esp-01s 1mb?
q2: if yes, how can this firmware be properly flashed in esp-01s 1mb?

thanks in advance
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By atesin
#84587 forgot to mention, i want to take advantage of ATv1.7 new features: PASSIVE MODE and ntp...

but just realized LoBo firmware only supports RECEIVE CONFIRMATION instead passive mode, so i have to discard it

so i have to use official ATv1.7 firmware, but documentation says only supports 1024+1024 flash maps (meaning flash size starting from 2mb?)

i need to find a way to flash official espressif ATv1.7+ firmware (1024+1024) in my esp01-s (1mb 512+512) module

please, any help will be greatly appreciated