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By nedoskiv
#84748 Hello,

I'm using wemos D1 mini from years, usually with nodemcu lua firmware. I got strange problem when I use arduino IDE on that board to write/test something it work fine, after that if try to flash MicroPython or Nodemcu it flash well, but not power up. Led start blinking without end, serial monitor drop garbage on screen.
If flash with arduino IDE again, it work with it.
Board is kind-a bricked/locked with arduino IDE code upload now :) I got 2 boards like this. Any idea how to fix it?
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By QuickFix
#84770 Have you tried erasing the entire flash memory first, before uploading something else? :idea:

Alternatively you could use the esptool with the erase_flash option:
Code: Select -p COM3 -b 115200 erase_flash
Of course you have to set the correct COM-port and Baud-rate to your set up.