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By Marco Castro
#84807 Hello all.
I'n flashing for the new firmware software for the ESP8266, I was use the ESP8266_NONOS_SDK-2.2.1 version, in theory all the process was successful, my module has the next features:
SPI Speed : 40MHz
SPI Mode : DIO
SPI Flash Size : 8Mbit
The files that I was used for flashing my module was:
boot_v1.6.bin ----> 0x0000
user1.1024.new2.bin ----->0x1000
esp_init_data_default_v05.bin ---> 0x7C000
blank.bin ----> 0xFE000
the software tool that I use is:
In theory all the process was successful, however when I check the software version by the Serial Terminal using AT commands.
Never I recibe the answer from the ESP8266.

Somebody can help me. I will appreciate your soon answer
Regards Marco Castro