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By jschneider
#84792 Hi,

when I try to upgrade to a version higher than 2.5.2 I get an error message that the tool mklittlefs is not available for my operating system (Debian Linux 32bit). I have compiled mklittlefs from source and stored it in the tools directory of Arduino, but that did not help. With version 2.5.2 everything works as intendet. What can I do? Any ideas?

Regards - Jochen
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By hejvdb
#85017 SAme here. Fresh Ubuntu 18.04 32 bits on a Dell laptop (Pentium Mobile) with IDE 1.8.10. The ESP32 boardfile installs fine but the 8266 boardfile complains about "Tool mklittlefs is not available for your operating system".
Pse advice how to proceed. TNX, Egbert Jan.
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By jake-code
#85211 This is because there is a missing block in the boards file ... index.json.
The tools download section is missing the block relating to i686-linux-gnu (32bit linux) for mklittlefs.
I managed to get around this by changing the url (https:// to file://) to point to a local copy of ... index.json that I then edited to add the missing information.
Hopefully this will be corrected quickly as with this workaround there will be no notification of updates...