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By Pietrogramma
#85343 Hey, everybody, I don't know if this is the right topic to ask, but I'm gonna try anyway...
I have an ESP8266-01 card, which I purchased in conjunction with a relay.
Following some tutorials I found on the network I was able to connect to the ESP through an Arduino UNO (without any UART or converter from seriall to USB) and the Serial Monitor of the arduino IDE and I was able to send some AT commands (like change client mode to AP, connect to my home network, assign a static IP etc.).
The only problem is that I was able to do all this, only if first flashing the card with the soft Esp8266_Flasher.exe and firmware v0.9.2AT.bin and then connecting with the Arduino IDE Serial Monitor.
If, however, I disconnect the board and/or the arduino I can't start the ESP anymore...if I reconnect to the board again using the serial monitor of the IDE and send the AT commands, with the same settings as before, the ESP board is as if it was turned off.
If, instead, I redo the procedures to flashare the firmware and afterwards I don't disconnect the board but I immediately connect to the IDE then everything works fine again.
Is there a way to "turn on" the card, once disconnected from the arduino?
Bye and thanks