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By Liam1062
#85381 Not sure if this is possible with ESP8266 but I would like an ESP8266 to read some sensor data on its I/O and simply output that data live on a local webpage that can be accessed by a mobile phone. So to be clear I do not want the ESP8266 to join a wi-fi network and get an IP address etc as there may be no wi-fi available. I would like the phone to see the ESP8266 Wifi SSID and join it, so I guess the phone should then get an IP address from the ESP8266? Then if the phones browser is launched and I type the ESP8266 IP address into the browser, i would see the live sensor data regularly updated.
Not sure if this is possible with ESP8266 and not sure if this would be referred to as a Web-Server as it would not touch the internet, it is simply a phone to device connection using the browser.
I know I have a lot to learn to make this work but want to ensure it is possible before I start learning the ESP8266.
Any help would be appreciated.