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By DutchEllie
#85516 Hi guys and gals,

I am new here on the forums but have used my esp8266 a fair bit before. I came here because I have a discovered a newfound interest in assembly and machine code. I wanted to try it out, and my first candidate would be my trusty old esp8266, but I cannot seem to find out where to begin. I can't figure out what architecture it's on, and then still how to even write to it (or for it for that matter).
Does anyone here know where I might go about finding resources for my problem? And does anyone know if posting this to the newbie board is appropriate anyway?
Also, my board is a Lolin Nodemcu v3

Thanks in advance guys and gals!
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By StanJ
#85663 The reference you want is "Xtensa Instruction Set Architecture (ISA)", but unfortunately that covers the possible instructions that can be implemented in the Tensilica cores, not what was actually coded into the ESP8266 when they compiled that specific core. I haven't found a good reference that's specific to the '8266.

I've never seen a worse set of assembly mnemonics... <insert puke smiley here>