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By bwood
#85350 I am trying to get my ESP-01 to go into deep sleep and wake up properly. From tutorials elsewhere I have soldered a 10k resistor from GPIO16 to RST.

Code: Select all#include <ESP8266WiFi.h>

void setup() {

  Serial.println("I'm awake.");

  Serial.println("Going into deep sleep for 20 seconds");
  ESP.deepSleep(20e6); // 20e6 is 20 microseconds

void loop() {

Code: Select allI'm awake.
Going into deep sleep for 20 seconds

 ets Jan  8 2013,rst cause:5, boot mode:(3,4)


There is a 20s pause after the 'Going to deep sleep for 20 seconds' line before printing the boot mode, but then nothing happens after that. Here is my flashing config:

What am I doing wrong?
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By StanJ
#85666 10K for that GPIO16 > RESET connection is too high a resistance, and your reset pulse may be erratic. You're creating a voltage divider with the RESET pull-up resistor and it's only going down to 1.5V or so at the RESET pin. Try either a Schottky diode with the cathode (the band) connected to GPIO16 and the anode on RESET, or something around 300-500 ohms resistor. Optionally try a short wire, but be careful and don't hit the RESET line with a pushbutton during Deep Sleep as GPIO16 goes into active drive if you've configured a timed Deep Sleep. If you short it to ground when it's driving high you could potentially damage the chip.

Don't always trust people's tutorials, as there's a lot of crazy stuff out there that they say 'works'. Sometimes, yeah, maybe it does. Sometimes *not*.