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By Sirquil
#85705 02/26/2020

All links verified to be working now!

ISP forced another WAN, ip address change; so previous web links are no longer valid.   Signed up with for "Hostnames" that hopefully will eliminate this issue.

ESP8266 Based, WiFi Client Server --Weather Observations
ESP32 Based, ESPAsyncWebServer --Weather Observations

Domain Hosted, WiFi Client.Server Based --ESP8266  

My apologies for the inconvenience this caused.  

Many thanks to everyone that have visited Project web pages!  

Observations-II --Hosted, Domain web page.JPG

Observations-II, Hosted, Domain web page; screen capture, sketch feeding web page:  "Rain Gauge Two.ino"

Attached, "Project --Upload  Ver"  current, online version of Sketch; running ESPAsyncWebServer on ESP32. "dataCollector2.php" included for sending data from project to Hosted domain web site.  Also, included Serial Monitor output confirming operation of project.

Observations-II --Hosted, Domain web page.JPG
Domain web page "Observations-II."