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By QuickFix
#69764 Please note that when using the latest beta, you cannot upload SPIFFS using the "Sketch data upload"-plugin anymore, you'll get a "SPIFFS Not Supported on Arduino" error (at least that's the message I'm getting using the master from Github; haven't tried the "Zip"-release). :idea:

Also some project I came across aren't compatible with the latest beta (yet).
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By JurajA
mnenieeludei wrote:
martinayotte wrote:I think IGRR and Me-No-Dev are working hard to make the ESP32 released.

Lets just hope that they will come back soon to ESP8266 after this ESP32 release will be done ...

I think the same.

there are already 15 releases of esp8266 arduino boards package made from the time of martinayotte's comment in October 2016.
so what about is your comment?