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By prairietech
#86139 Thanks for the quick reply!

I'm trying a ds18b20 instead of the dht22. But not getting anything to the receiver. When monitoring the serial port of the sender 8266, I get one temp reading but it is at -127 indicating the sensor wasn't read. Changed the sleep time to the 10 second parameter you listed and still nothing at the receiver.

My past experience with ds18b20 used the ROM address of the sensor in the sketch. But apparently with only 1 sensor on the 8266, the address of the sensor is not needed?

I used one of the Rui's test sketches where dummy data was sent between two 8266's and it worked fine over an impressive distance through metal siding.

My short coming is knowing very little about writing code and have the follow the lead of people like you that know what they are doing. Any advice or sketches you can send my way would be greatly appreciated!