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By Barnabybear
#86149 Hi, a request for information link or personal experience to an ESP8266 Register (it is referenced in various ways):


I believe its address is 0x3FF00028 if that helps.

All the other registers seem to be frequently referenced but this one is a bit of a mystery to me at this moment. More specifically I’m interested as to what this does?

#define IOSWAP2HS 6 //Sets Two SPI Masters on HSPI

Taken from: ... 266_peri.h
Line 182.

There is also a reference to the register at: ... register.h
Line 160.

Thanks in advance.
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By eriksl
#86465 I can say you don't need it for normal SPI operation if that helps ;)

It probably has to do with SPI slave operation, which is even more poorly documented than master mode.

I didn't find any real information on this register as well.