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By JGeo
#86273 I have a problem with uploading a compressed (.gz gzip) SPIFFS FS image file. If I upload the uncompressed .bin file, it's working fine, but if I compress the .bin file with gzip (7zip), it's uploading, but the result is an empty file system on my ESP8266. I have compiled my sketch with a line
Code: Select all#define ATOMIC_FS_UPDATE

included as described in

I use a "Generic EPS8266 module" with setting "Flash size = 4MB (FS:2MB OTA:~1019KB)".

I created the SPIFFS image .bin file with
Code: Select all%sketchdir%\mkspiffs.exe --size 0x1FA000 --page 256 --block 8192 -d 5 --create %sketchdir%\data %sketchdir%\spiffs.file.bin
%gzip% a -tgzip -mx9 %sketchdir%\spiffs.file.bin.gz %sketchdir%\spiffs.file.bin

where %sketchdir% is the sketch folder (I copied mkspiffs.exe there for convenience) and %gzip% points to 7z.exe on my machine.

I based my sketch upon When I connect to it, and go to the update folder, I see four buttons. I select the spiffs.file.bin.gz file with the FileSystem button, and press "Update FileSystem". Then I wait, until the confirmation comes that it was successful. I reboot, but then the FS is empty. While if I upload the non-compressed file spiffs.file.bin, the filesystem contains the desired files correctly.

According to this should work when I define ATOMIC_FS_UPDATE. However, I cannot find an example anywhere of a sketch that includes this option.