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By tokuhonnp
#86354 Hi!
I am having a problem and would like to see if i am thnking correctly for implementing a link. I have two medical devices that comunicate with a serial cable in 9600bps. I want to put devices in two different rooms and even though is easy to find 70meters serial cable i whould like to make them communicate via wireless wifi.
I understand that i must connect on one side the RX of one machine to TX of ESP and TX of the same machine to RX on ESP. Suppose that i can adjust the voltage to 3.3 volts so to protect the serial of ESP. The same i must do in the other machine.
Lets call one machine master and the other slave. Is it possible to create a transparent link between them as i explained before? And if yes can i have a situation with one master and 2-3 slaves (slaves receiving the same data) ?
Just your thoughts for this project and a little help in coding this.

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By QuickFix
#86371 I know there are a couple of projects on Github, but I haven't got any experience with them myself; Google will point you in the right direction though. :idea: