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By DarKOrange
#87271 Hi all,

I was experimenting a weather station runner by a Wemos D1 mini pro for one week, everything was working as expected, the D1 mini collecting measures then going to sleep for 10 minutes and waking up the collect measures again. D0 and RST pins are linked with a cable.

Suddenly, the station stopped to send data so I investigated and found out that the D1 mini pro would no longer go to deepSleep.

Now, when waking up the serial monitors displays this message and nothing else happens:

13:29:32.005 -> ets Jan 8 2013,rst cause:5, boot mode:(3,6)
13:29:32.005 ->
13:29:32.005 -> ets_main.c

Any idea? Is it possible to fix this or the D1 is just corrupted?

Thank you for your help!