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By Anand Lobo
martinayotte wrote:I think you have much choice to debug using prints to figure out where it is crashing ...

Yes, I did that. Took a while but I narrowed it down. If I understand correctly, the solar tracker code drives stepper motors by "bit-banging" (is this the correct term?) and gets locked in a loop driving the steppers. So I threw in a yield() there and all seems to be well.
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By JeffT
Anand Lobo wrote:So, I'm doing this.
After going over the solar tracker code by Gabriel, I noticed there is little to no dependency on AVR-specific code. So, I basically went through all of the files in his program [url=]


I've just started looking at using esp8266's for a heliostat - and see you had the same idea - a year earlier!

How did you go - did you resolve all the issues? What drive mechanism are you using? Is there a write-up on your webpage somewhere?

More questions to follow.....

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By vinster
#87395 Absolutely awesome project :D I'm just adding smart phone / assistant control to this idea, so if you'd like to share the ESP sun tracking code you've already done in return for the smart phone / assistant code that'd be amazing ;)

Thanks heaps for putting this up, very kind of you to so generously share :)