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By ian
quackmore wrote:here are a couple of reference on how wifi works:

How WiFi Works

Why Channels 1, 6 and 11?

according to the readings, I'd try this:

1) stick to channels 1, 6, 11

That might be a useful rule of thumb but, as I indicated, channel 6 (softap default) was a non starter.

2) choose the best channel according to:
2-a) the channel with less APs count on the closest 3 channels (on the right and on the left)
2-b) the channel with less APs on the same channel

the situation is not static, as wifi routers do something similar, so you may want to periodically check it and adapt

I'd hoped that someone might have actually done this as it's not a unique problem. As you say, routers do this (not necessarily well). Ideally it should be 'written in' with the ESP8266 core code? There's not a lot of point defaulting to channel 6 if it's too congested to use & we can't know in advance which channels are optimal.

Thanks for your thoughts though :)