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By eriksl
#87744 Yep, I don't see the need for switching to another ISM technology if you have WLAN. Using 2.4 GHz you have a great range, I am pretty sure 25 meters, with a decent access points, should be possible.
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By amadeuspzs
#87753 I am in a rural area with some outbuildings ~100m away (e.g. chicken shed door monitoring), so am keen to try the 433MHz band (I am going with the notion that range is proportional to 1/frequency^2 so I am expecting much better range for UHF vs WiFi).

I have ordered a couple of the RFM69 boards which seem to have Arduino drivers that I read someone had ported to esp8266.

I have seen some people have used an esp8266 and an RFM69 to build a UHF<->MQTT bridge which is what I need.

I'll post back in a couple of months if I get it all working.