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By BrunoPedro
#87755 Hello!

Sorry to bother, but I have a problem.
I'm using an ESP8266 (ESP-01) to control a relay module with MQTT (cayenne mydevices).

The relay module is this one:

I managed to connect the ESP-01 to website, powering with this breadboard power supply: ... B00BXWV2F6

And I managed to turn on eletrical load (by relay) and turning it off, but after that the ESP-01 turns off and doesnt respond.
I'm using this connections->
VCC to 3.3V (of breadboard)
GND to 0V (of breadboard)
CH_PD to 3.3V (of breadboard)
GPIO2 to In of relay
VCC to 5V (of breadboard)
GND to 0V (of breadboard)
IN to GPIO2 of ESP-01

Any solutions?