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By llooman
#87800 Using this combination for a few months now. It is working OK.
I noticed new releases like Esp8266/Arduino 2.7.2. are not comming through.
Then i noticed VSCode/PlatformIO is using Esp8266/NonOS.
Then i noticed Esp8266/NonOS is not update anymore.

So now i wonder if this combi not so futher fit as it looked a few months ago.

Can someone share his knowledge about this subject?
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By llooman
#87821 Today i found more info on this so i am now more happy it is a future fit combination

The PlatformIO team is working hard on a new IDE for VSCode 2.0. ... ting/14097
This is most likely the reason why the current stable version is not updated as frequently as normal.
I joined the 2.0.beta version today. Using the disable option to globally disable the old and new PlatformIO Extention AND enable workspace both the a separate workspace i can have both installed.
To me this feals save to have both the beta and the old stable.

Additional to this i found a platform update option in the PlatformIO Home page.
This allows you to update to the latest ESP8266 (currently 2.5.3)
Not sure about the difference with 2.7.2 but at least you can update.