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By wakewatcher
#88143 I've seen posts here about using CoolTerm. Here is my experience. Summary: Very, Very CoolTerm!
I've been using the Arduino IDE for reprogramming Sonoff's BASIC 2.0 Switch. It doesn't have an extra I/O pin readily exposed like the Version 1. So I use the RX pin as an input for a DHT 22 temp/hum sensor. Also of course I have to use an FDTI USB to TTL adaptor. Might be my adaptor I'm not sure but I couldn't sue the Arduino serial monitor to debug the Sonoff's 8285. I did my best Google Search and found Roger Meier's freeware CoolTerm. ( it worked as advertised which included sending output to a capture file but there were a few things missing on the standard monitor like timestamp options and the ability to turn off scrolling. I pinged Roger and thanked him for what he had provided and mentioned these other things and WOW. He started working on it right away and after a few iterations had exactly what I needed. (And in the process we discovered the I was sending extraneous CR, unassociated with a LF.) Anyway it's now my go to serial monitor. If you want to look at it sign up for Roger's beta notification list at ... I'm using ...build849. Good Stuff!