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By dscott
#88222 Hello all! I apologize in advance, I really tried to find this info on my own, so feel free to serve me my stupid on a plate - I'll eat it.

WifiManager v0.15.0 (as PlatformIO shows in the "Installed Libraries")

Where in the world is the SSID/Pass stored? The only answer I've managed to find is "it's an intrinsic function of the ESP8266"... when I see open source code without any apparent way to discern what it is doing, I can't help but wonder why. Maybe because I have at least one personal acquaintance that wouldn't buy an IoT device with Elon Musk's money (the dude claims to not even have a "smart TV").

Manually walking, not debugging yet, through the code leads me to the userinterface header file where I run into a bunch of wifi_station_[get... set.... connect... disconnect...] class members, mostly bool types and the trail ends there... no more beaten path goes any further. There used to be EEPROM usage at one time, or so it seems. I've gone through it grammatically to verify it's not in flash.

Any help would be much appreciated. I don't have any state secrets to hide from the Chinese manufacturer, but I do have a bank account I connect to through the same WiFi this thing appears to now all about after the configuration screen :o
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By JurajA
#88225 esp8266 Arduino uses esp8266 NonOS SDK functions under the hood. the SDK is not open source.
the esp8266 SDK by default automatically stores the ssid and password while joining an Access Point.
the WiFiManager uses this.
the storing can be tuned off.
the settings are stored in the last page of the flash.

here I have a minimal 'configuration AP' sketch to demonstrate this ... tionAP.ino
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By dscott
#88502 Followup, I still haven't found the credentials anywhere in flash; first page/sector, last, in-between... I haven't committed every free second to this as it isn't a show stopper for experimenting. But I'd still like to know where these creds are stored, and at least see them programmatically.