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By FrancisAugusto
#88239 Hi!
I will use a WeMos D1 to turn on/off the Powerboost 1000C that supplies power to a raspberry Pi, and also as a ADC so that I can use a potentiometer. Communication between the wemos and the pó will be via serial.

My question is: Since I won’t be using WiFi but still will be using a battery, does it make sense to use either the light speed mode or the deep sleep mode? Or is the consumption when not using WiFi already low enough to be powered by a battery for weeks?


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By schufti
#88243 the current consumption for with / without wifi and the various powermodes is well documented and only you know what battery you are planning to use. So calculate yourself ....

P.S.: don't forget to add current consumption for usb/serial and flash chip in final calculation.