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By DUbb
#88815 Hi All,

My ESP9266 D1 mini was working fine until I flashed new code in it.
Now the serial port is not showing up in Arduino IDE (Win10) anymore.
The Builtin_LED flashes once during power up and than stays on.

What I Checked/tried:
Cable/flashing/code is working fine with on other devices
5V & 3.3 are present on pins
Connect D3 (GPIO 0) to GND, to set to flash mode without succes.
Also no port shows up in ESP8266Flasher.exe

Any suggestions on how I can bring the device back to life?

For what it is worth, this is the code I flashed:
Code: Select all#include "AHT10.h"
#include <Wire.h>
AHT10 myAHT10(AHT10_ADDRESS_0X38);

void setup()
{ Serial.begin(115200);
if (myAHT10.begin() == true) Serial.println("AHT10 OK"); else Serial.println("AHT10 problem");

void loop()
{ String(myAHT10.readTemperature()) + " °C");
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By QuickFix
#88819 Are there any peripherals attached to the data pins of your WeMos D1 Mini?