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By giannis
#88826 Hi there,

I have a setup of two esp8266

-) ap sta mode (esp8266 A).
-) connected to the first ones AP ( esp8266 B)
The A is connected to the local router and has access to the internet. Also A creates an AP.
The B can connect to the A's AP but the A cannot find it by hostname.

a)The hostname on B has been correctly configured using the #include <ESP8266mDNS.h> and has been tested and can be resolved but it seems esp8266 A cannot find the B board by hostname (although it's connected to it). It can only acces it by IP. Any ideas why is that ?

b) B cannot connect to the internet when connected to the A's AP. Seems like that the STA AP mode in A is not routing the requests of B to the internet. Is it possible for B to connect to the internet through A's AP.

Looking forward for any ideas!
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By giannis
JurajA wrote:A) current MDNS works only on one interface. default is right now I think the STA. in core 3.00 MDNS will work on all interfaces (and Ethernet will be available as additional interface)
Any roadmap of core 3? Any ideas if it'is working on the esp32?

B) see the NAT library

Thanks for this :) will try asap

Thanks for the reply.