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By HiperDoo
#88846 Hello, I have a question, I am doing a project where I need to work with a lot of data, but there is a part where it is impossible for me to work with the limiting variables that the Arduino offers. As I am good at programming in JS it occurred to me to have a part of the code in JS to solve that issue. I've been looking on the internet how to have a part of the code in JS, but all that has to do with JS is to create web pages, I do not want to create a web page and I do not want this part of the code to connect to the internet, just I want to use JS in this part because it is impossible for me to program with the variables that Arduino has.

In short, I would be very grateful if someone could give me a library and a little code that allows me a communication between Arduino variables and JS so that I can process it in JS and then return it to an Arduino variable.
For example:

int A = JS.var

(Something similar, I do not know if I gave it to understand, but this would help me to put all the data from Arduino to JS, process it in JS and then return it to an Arduino variable as an int or String, all this would be in Esp8266).

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By pipi61
#88875 Hi!
The Arduino run on the esp, The JS run the other device in browser. If send data from browser to arduino use xml request...
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By QuickFix
Pablo2048 wrote:wasn't lazy

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