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By rodrigo_vda
#89110 Hello everyone! I'm new to the forum asI'm new to ESP-related stuff!
hereby I present myself to you and hope we get along nicely!

So I have never done anything ESP related, and I'm used to use PlatformIO for development. I have bought a few ESP8266 boards from Aliexpress (link: ... 4c4dFFgMA3) but when I began a new project in PlatformIO I didn0t know which board to select. I researched a lot and found that probably NodeMCU 1.0 (ESP-12E Module) was the best bet.

I tried hello world and stuff and it works perfectly, but now I'm curious on what would happen if I chose a "wrong" board, since there were a lot of "ESP8266" related boards available:
2020-10-15 13_27_06-PIO Home - Untitled (Workspace) - Visual Studio Code.png

I've been reseaching and there are a lot of different boards with ESP8266 and mine looks like ESP-12E.

So I have been doing some research and found out Followinig this page I founbd out the data of my module:
Manufacturer: 20
Device: 4016

however the page links to an external link that alledgedly lists all manufacturers and devices IDs, but the link is broken.

I've been searchig for a list on the internet but I only find blog posts and forum answers stating "0xe0 manufacturer id is XX" and such, but I've never found either a list or anyone mentioning who is "0x20".

Either way, I know that I probably can continue as I am with NodeMCU 1.0 (ESP-12E Module), but I would like to know all this stuff:
  1. What would happen if I chose the "wrong" device (what things I can expect to not work as intended
  2. To get souces for manufacturer's ID list
  3. To know my devices manufacturer so I can search for documentation

Thnk you very much for your time and help! :D
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