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By pippo
#89669 Hello everybody!
I know that's an old known issue, but I haven't found any workaround anywhere on internet..
How people deal with relais and automations in general? When the ESP relais module boots, gpio0 goes high, triggering whatever is connected. And all the esp-01 modules you buy on internet have gpio0 and gpio2 pins available..
So, by my POV this is a no-go but I'm sure there is a way, considering that esp modules are a pillar of IOT...

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By StanJ
#89772 See ... nce-gpios/

and ... -gpio.html

There are only 2 GPIOs that are low throughout boot: GPIO4 and GPIO5. Neither of them is available on the ESP-01 unless you cut a trace and wire directly to the ESP8266, which is truly annoying to do.

I'm also utterly opposed to using relays for anything when better components have been available for hobby use since 1953...
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By pippo
#89795 thanks StanJ.

Im looking at serial relay boards now, they probably fit.
So you confirmed what I thought.
I still ask myself why those modules are sooo popular then...
Btw, which better components r u talking about? I have to manage the usual IOT stuff like light switches, appliances automations, sensors etc.
I didnt know there are other ways to control 250V appliances or lamps..