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By Aulia Nabih
#90615 Hi there,

i have a project where i use three units of NodeMCU ESP8266 CH340 to read off MPU6050 readings, where one unit is made the host and the AP. the concept is the other two unit (let's call them Sub A and Sub B) read data from their sensors, and sends the data to the host simultaneously, and the data will be posted on the host's webserver to be read on a browser.

I've currently made a rough arduino sketch on direct communications using HTTP over WiFi (where the host acts as AP and Sub A/Sub B acts as a client), but as i have no knowledge on how HTTP works i am confused on how to implement it.

Can somebody help me on how to do it simultaneously via HTTP or another way that is efficient? it doesn't have to be HTTP, and the communication is one way only from Sub A/Sub B to Host.

Thanks in advance!

note: i'll post my current code later when i have fixed my sub's sketches
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By Aulia Nabih
QuickFix wrote:It's generally considered more practical and efficient to use MQTT for things like sensor data, maybe that would be a nice alternative to think over? :idea:

Hi, after some consideration i decided not to use MQTT as it's overly complex for my usage, i decided to use ESP Now instead, as i needed it to be contained in it's own ecosystem.

thanks for the suggestion!
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By QuickFix
#90698 I've not used (or really taken a look at) ESPNow, but it certainly is a good solution if it fits your needs.
In the past I've played with mesh networks, which could also be worth having a look when you're looking for a network of things without having the need for a central server (or even a router or access point).