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By David44
#90671 Hello,
My name is David. I am a retired mechanical engineer living in the UK. I am in the fortunate position of having three garages at my disposal at the rear of my house. There are a total of four electrically operated doors on the garages, non of which can be seen from the house. Unfortunately probably due to advancing years, I have occasionally left one of the doors open all night.
I am trying to construct a monitoring system that will indicate via a small panel in the house when the doors are open or closed.
I am exploring doing this by using a reed switch et each door that signals it's state to either a red or green LED connected by nodeMCU's using either ESP-NOW or over the domestic LAN which is available in all garages via wifi extenders.
I have trialed the ESP-NOW idea by copying and pasting Arduino IDE sketches to some nodeMCU's but the programmes only transmit textual messages. I can' seem to find out how to replace the text with instructions to accept switching input at one nodeMCU and and send to a second nodeMCU to switch an LED.
If I could make this work my only concern would be whether the ESP8266 wifi signal would travel through a number of masonery walls. If not I would have to use the LAN.
I would be extremely grateful if anyone can offer me any pointers.