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By beejayf
#90672 Hi,

I have a Amica ESP8266 with a display attached. I had a monochrome OLED and now I replaced it with a ST7735 TFT. I used to check the press of the flash button (to change the screen etc.) with an interrupt to pin 0.

Now my ST7735 uses the D0 pin (and others) for the TFT_RST - I tried to map it to D4 but then the display will only show a white screen. so I guess the D0 has some special attributes for the ST7735 to work. Is there any other pin on the ESP I can use the display with - and then use D0 for detecting the flash button again?


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By QuickFix
#90673 You don't have to connect the RESET line of the display; if you really want, you can connect it to the RESET line of the ESP so it will also get a reset when you press the reset button.

When I've only got one SPI device, I connect VCC, GND, MOSI (=SDA), D/C (=A0) and CLK (=SCK) and pull CS (=SS) low.

Not sure if a similar approach can be done with your display, but it can with mine (those red AliExpress displays)
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