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By MistakeFew
#91041 Hi all,

Without going into all the details - I have designed a PCB that initiates a couple of electrical tests, it then communicates the test results to the ESP8266 via I2C. I have assigned different strings (pass/fail/error) depending on what the communicated test results are.

I have also designed a webpage on the ESP8266 that uses AJAX to retrieve this test data and store it into a data table on the webpage on-clicking the 'update table' button.

Now my issue is that I need this data to be non-volatile and stay on refreshing/reaccessing the webpage as I'd like to see the historical data and the webpage needs to be accessed by more than one PC/phone.

I have looked into a few different approaches which may or may not work but I'd like some input to push me in the right direction.

Thanks in advance!