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By Nautilus
#91029 Hi there,

I'm struggling to get the e-Paper and the RTC shield work together smoothly. I'm aiming at a low power NTP based clock. Time should be kept by the RTC and once in every night it should get readjusted with NTP.

The problem I cannot solve is, that the e-paper and the RTC both use D2 (GPIO4).

I tried to adjust the last argument 4 (D2) to 12 (D6) in my line of code
Code: Select allGxEPD2_BW<GxEPD2_154_D67, GxEPD2_154_D67::HEIGHT> display(GxEPD2_154_D67(/*CS=D8*/ SS, /*DC=D3*/ 0, /*RST=D4*/ 2, /*BUSY=D2*/ 4)); // GDEH0154D67

But then the e-Paper showed some weird behavior, i.e. it didn't update properly.

Any ideas? Is it possible to get the e-paper working without or with another BUSY-pin?