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By kikiño
#89085 Both in Winfows and in Linux.
At first it worked fine. I think maybe it is due to some welding because otherwise I do not know the reason.
It is only detected and the COM port appears when I press the reset button. When I release it, It sounds like I disconnected it and the COM port disappears.
If I try to upload a program with the arduino ide with the reset button pressed, it does not find the COM port although it appears in the windows device manager.
What can be the motive?
Thank you
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By baudeliocf
#91104 Press reset for 2 or 3 seconds or until you see it connected in the device manager as a port (COM), while pressing reset, press flash, release reset and finally release flash.

Maybe it is a security system, the funny thing is that I have several esp8266 but it only happens with one.

I use windows 10, arduino ide 1.8.13, esp8266 v3 (chine nodemcu), esp8266 software 2.7.4, and CH341SER drivers ... er/Drivers

Although it could be programmed in this way, I could not communicate through the serial port.

The solution was to connect to a usb on the back of the pc, perhaps there was not enough current in the usb on the front.