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By jodo123
#91138 I have a wemos D1 Mini v3.0 which I am trying to flash. I am using NodeMcu.
I am unable to upload. It says waiting for MAC. The board is blinking whenever to upload tries to send the firmware. I connected the GND and D3 by holding a wire to the 2 pins and then powering up. But there is no change. How do you connect the 2 pins ? Do you have to solder a wire ? Or is the board maybe bad ? How can I check. From the batch of 4 boards this one doesn’t allow flashing. 2 other boards work (using the same method as for the not working one). One board does not blink at all when attaching the USB power.

Please help. I have already soldered the WEMOS to a PCB and would like to only desolder if absolutely sure the board is bad.

Thank you so much!