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By qaqa85
Code: Select allAT version: - ESP8266 - Mar 12 2021 07:09:37)
SDK version:v3.4-rc-dirty
compile time(4ab813f):Apr 29 2021 11:40:13
Bin version:2.0.0 - CUSTOM -(ESP8266_1MB)

I got a problem with answears from ESP8266. I would like to turn off answears like i paste below.
ESP working as access point.

Code: Select all+STA_DISCONNECTED:"b8:08:cf:11:b8:18"               //when STA disconnect
+STA_CONNECTED:"b8:08:cf:11:b8:18"                     //when STA CONNECT
+STA_DISCONNECTED:"b8:08:cf:11:b8:18"               //WHEN STA disconnect
CONNECT                                                                        //CONNECTION TO TCP SERVER

Do you have an idea how to turn it off? I disabled all logs in menuconfig.

Thanks for any help.